WELCOME to The Viable, Visible, and Productive Beta Iota Chapter

Beta Iota Chapter is proud to be the 55th Sigma chapter at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, a member of Region 9, and a collaborator with the Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky (SONK) Consortium.

The UC College of Nursing faculty under the leadership of Dean Ruth Dalrymple worked toward and welcomed the chartering of Beta Iota Chapter on May 21, 1972. Over the years, Beta Iota Chapter has promoted scholarly programs; provided research grants, recognized nursing excellence, supported Sigma’s events and initiatives, honored our chapter leaders, and supported our members who have served at local, regional, and international levels.

We encourage all of our chapter members to annually renew their membership at Sigma’s website Sigma Membership (sigmanursing.org). We welcome Sigma transfer and dual members. We encourage those nurses who are not Sigma members, but are interested in joining Sigma to apply as a Nurse Leader for membership consideration at join.sigmanursing.org/#/

Join us as a chapter volunteer and work with us to increase our viability, visibility, and productivity! Attend our programs and support our initiatives!

Questions or Comments, contact Bev Reigle at reiglebs@uc.edu

Sigma Theta Tau International

Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing, was founded in 1922 by six student nurses at the Indiana University Training School for Nurses. Today, the Society is the second largest professional nursing organization in the world with over 360,000 nurse scholars as members. More information about the international organization can be found on the Sigma Theta Tau International website.

Our Vision
Connected, empowered nurse leaders
transforming global healthcare

Our Mission
Developing nurse leaders anywhere
to improve healthcare everywhere


SONK Consortium 2024 Annual Conference

April 5 • 9 AM - 3:30 PM
Sharonville Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Family Focused Care Across the Life Span