Leadership Positions


Reports to: President

Term of Office: The term of office is two years beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the second year. An elected officer may serve only three consecutive terms or six years on the Board of Directors.

Purpose: The Beta Iota Chapter Bylaws state that the Counselor shall be a member of the faculty at the college/university where the chapter is located and shall serve as chairperson of the Governance Committee.

Qualifications: The Counselor shall:

  1. Be an active member in the Beta Iota Chapter.
  2. Consent to serve in the position and be elected by a majority vote of chapter members.
  3. Be a faculty of the University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Counselor are:

  1. Attend scheduled Board of Directors meetings.
  2. Serve as the Chairperson of the Governance Committee which includes overseeing both the eligibility/membership process and bylaws (maintenance and revisions as instituted by Sigma).
  3. Plan and conduct committee meetings on a regular basis.
  4. Serve as advisor to standing committee and advisory councils regarding membership eligibility and bylaw matters.
  5. Serve as an advisor to faculty and those in the community regarding membership eligibility issues.
  6. Develop strategies for informing students and Nurse Leaders of eligibility criteria.
  7. Submit eligibility and membership information to the Communications Advisory Council.
  8. Oversee the membership process by presenting applicants with appropriate eligibility data to the Governance Committee for selection and present the list of candidates to the Board of Directors.
  9. Implement the online induction process.
  10. Collaborate with the Program Committee, who oversees the planning and implementation of the Celebration of Nurse Scholars (Induction Ceremony) to provide appropriate induction information and to participate as designated in the ceremony.
  11. Assist in the bylaw amendment process by considering,
    reviewing, editing, and/or correlating such amendments as may be referred to the Governance Committee or which originate within the Governance Committee (as permitted by Sigma).
  12. Present bylaw amendments to the Board of Directors and to the membership for approval as specified by the bylaws (as permitted by Sigma).
  13. Ensure that chapter operations and activities are congruent with the chapter bylaws.
  14. Submit the chapter bylaws to STTI using the online process (based on Sigma requirements).
  15. Collaborate with other members of the Board of Directors and committee and advisory council chairperson to facilitate continuity of chapter programs, events, and activities.
  16. Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the Governance Committee and to the position of Counselor.
  17. Attend and encourage committee members to attend chapter programs, activities, and events.

Counselor Application

The Treasurer shall be custodian of the funds of this chapter and may be bonded in an amount equal to three-fourths of the worth of the chapter.

Position Application (PDF file)