Leadership Positions

Reports to: President

Term of Service: The term of office is two years beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the second year. Members are limited to one term.

Purpose: The Beta Iota Chapter Bylaws state that the Leadership Succession Committee shall develop members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers, mentor members to assume organizational board and officer positions at all levels of the organization.

Qualifications: Leadership Succession Committee members shall:

  1. Be an active member in the Beta Iota Chapter.
  2. Consent to serve in the position and be elected by a majority vote of the Directors.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Leadership Succession Committee are:

  1. Attend committee meetings and, if chair, plan and conduct the meetings.
  2. Oversee the selection of well-qualified members who can provide the necessary leadership to achieve chapter goals and to meet the needs of the members. Select at least two nominees for each office (preferable).
  3. Ensure that the position descriptions and application forms are current and available for members (e.g., post on chapter website).
  4. Ensure that each candidate meets the specific qualifications of the position, obtain a consent-to-serve for each candidate, and present list of candidates to the Board of Directors.
  5. Oversee the preparation of the ballot, the online election process, and the notification of elected officers.
  6. Provide direction to the Leadership Development Advisory Council for the development of chapter leaders.
  7. Oversee the new member mentoring program and Chapter Leader Intern program (if programs exist).
  8. Inform chapter leaders of international and regional positions and recommend to the BOD the nomination of chapter members who are potential candidates for such positions.
  9. Collaborate with the Communications Advisory Council to publicize appropriate election details (e.g., Call for Nominations) and to inform members about chapter leader development opportunities at the local, regional, and international level.
  10. Submit a verbal or written committee report as appropriate to the Board of Directors and membership.
  11. Collaborate with other committee and advisory council members to facilitate continuity of chapter programs, activities, and events.
  12. Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the Leadership Succession Committee and Leadership Development Advisory Council.
  13. Attend chapter programs, activities, and events.

Position Application (PDF file)

Chapter Leadership Intern

CONGRATULATIONS to Ndate Fall, 2022 Beta Iota Chapter Leadership Intern. Ndate is a student in the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing PhD Program and works as a researcher at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

The internship is a two-year commitment with various chapter and international experiences occurring the first year and membership on a chapter committee or advisory council for the second year. The structured intern experience is developed and monitored by the chapter Leadership Development Advisory Council.